What is FOEX Indexes?

FOEX Indexes Ltd is an independent company providing audited, trade-mark registered pulp, paper, recovered paper and wood based biomass price indices

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Key Principles

Defined standards and key principles

The PIX indexes are prepared and published according to defined specifications and key principles:

  • The PIX price indexes are calculated from price data received from buyers and sellers of the commodity/product in question
  • Buyers and sellers are evenly represented as price donors
  • High number of participants to each PIX index; no index is launched until statistically reliable
  • Index-system is audited (by Ernst & Young)
  • A 4-member expert panel is available as advisors and trouble-shooters
  • Index values are never retroactively modified

FOEX is acknowledged with an anti-trust clearance in Europe by EU/DG IV
Following issues were agreed upon:

  • FOEX is not allowed to do price forecasting
  • Participation to the index formation process must be voluntary and free of charge
  • Participants must be allowed to remain anonymous
    (FOEX never mentions names of those who participate or who do not participate)
  • Indexes are published on the FOEX web-site and by international information providers

PIX Indexes and launch dates