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Mar 6, 2018

Market Comments

PIX Bioenergy - Pellet Continental

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Pellet Continental Europe – According to DEPV, a record volume of wood pellets, 2.25 million tons, was produced in Germany in 2017. The volume increased by 15.4% from the year 2016 and was slightly higher than in the strong production year of 2013. Pellet consumption amounted to 2.1 million tons (up by 5.0% year-over-year). Almost 100% of the pellets produced in Germany were ENplus A1 certified and 95% were made of sawmill residues.

According to DEPV, about 28 000 new pellet heating devices were installed in Germany in 2017, bringing the total number to 436 750 (up by 6.9% from 2016). DEPV highlights that switching from fossil fuels to pellet heating contributes to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions: in 2017 by as much as 92.5% (or 3.19 million tons) less CO2 was released in comparison to what the burning of fossil fuels would have caused.

Wintery weather with cold and abundant snow was experienced in many parts of Central and Eastern Europe in February.

In February, prices reported to us included small upward movements. Consequently, our PIX Pellet Continental benchmark for medium-scale use headed higher for the sixth month in a row, this time by 1.64 euros, or by 0.76%, and settled at 217.42 EUR/ton.