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Oct 10, 2017

Market Comments

PIX Bioenergy - Forest Biomass Finland

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The PIX Forest Biomass Finland index value is based on trading prices of August 2017 of forest residues and wood based industry by-product bioenergy components in Finland, excluding pellets and liquid bio-fuels.

Vantaan Energia, an energy company in the capital region, is decreasing their use of fossil fuels by changing into biomass. They will convert the Martinlaakso power plant from coal to woodchips. The main sources will be the locally procured woodchips and forest industry by-products as well as peat. The conversion works are excepted to be finalized in early 2019.

According to different studies, all imported coal could be replaced by domestic energy wood in Finland. Luke reports that the maximum sustainable volume of energy wood procurement would total 21 Mm³, while the national target is 13 Mm³ and present volume being less. Especially environmental organizations are, however, questioning the high sustainable level.

As per the Luke statistics, the wood trade from privately owned forests amounted to 2.72 Mm³ in August 2017. The volume was more than twice the volume of July 2017, while a few percent down compared to the August 2016 volumes. According to Statistics Finland, the use of wood based fuels in energy production increased by 4% in the first half of 2017. This accounts for about 27% of the total energy consumption and is the largest source for energy. Second largest source was oil with a 22% share.

The PIX Forest Biomass Finland Index showed an increase of 21 cents, i.e. of 1.26%, and settled at 17.03 EUR/MWh.