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Jun 13, 2017

Market Comments

PIX Bioenergy - Forest Biomass Finland

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The PIX Forest Biomass Finland index value is based on trading prices of April 2017 of forest residues and wood based industry by-product bioenergy components in Finland, excluding pellets and liquid bio-fuels.

The Luke statistics show that the wood trade from privately owned forests amounted to 2.26 Mm³ in April 2017. This was almost 0.9 Mm³ (30%) less than during March 2017, and over 0.5 Mm³ (18%) below the April 2016 level. Luke’s projections indicate that the logging volumes will be record high, over 63 Mm³, in 2017. About 36 Mm³ of this is expected to be pulpwood. Procurement of logs is expected to increase by 7% to some 27 Mm³. The imports of wood are expected to decrease slightly, while the use of forest chips is estimated to stay the same as last year.

According to Luke, during the Q1/2017, logging residues and stem wood covered together over 80% of the energy wood bought from private forest owners, both covering about 40% of the trade. Whole trees covered slightly over 10%, while stumps had a share of less than 3%.

The weather in April in Finland was chillier than average, especially later in the month, which increased the heating needs. After removing 10% of the extreme values, our PIX Forest Biomass Finland Index value headed south by 41 cents, i.e. by 2.19%, to 18.49 EUR/MWh.