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Apr 18, 2017

Market Comments

PIX Biomass - Woodchip Global

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Woodchip Market – WRI reports that the volume of globally traded wood chips was record high in 2016. The Pacific Rim accounted for 70% of the trade, being followed by Finland, Sweden and Turkey. 84% percent of the global hardwood chip trade were covered by Japan and China. RISI’s report estimates that the recent rapid growth of woodchip trade in Asia is nearing its peak. However, some significant changes on the supply is anticipated in the coming years.

Within the monthly average exchange rate values used in the index calculation, the Japanese Yen weakened by about 1.9% against the US dollar, while the Euro value increased by 0.7%. The EUR-USD rate impacts mostly the SW side, while Yen is used in both HW and SW index calculations. This time, the PIX Hardwood Chip Global benchmark increased by 2.66 dollars, or by 1.59%, and closed at 170.03 USD/ton. The PIX Softwood Chip Global index showed an increase of 1.79 dollars, or of 1.17%, and landed at 154.48 USD/ton.

The PIX woodchip indexes, one for softwood chips and the other one for hardwood chips, cover international overseas trade of wood chips destined to be used by the pulp and paper or panel industries. Prices are obtained from three sources: a) monthly prices received directly from buyers and sellers of wood chips b) monthly prices from public sources (customs statistics) and c) quarterly (or monthly) data received from WRI (Wood Resources International) who have been co-operating with FOEX in developing these indexes. Additional data providers are welcome. For more information, kindly contact us at Tuomo@foex.fi or info@foex.fi or by phone (see contact details on www.foex.fi).