Categories: General
      Date: Nov 21, 2017
     Title: Pulp inventories

Pulp Inventory Statistics

Global chemical paper grade market pulp shipments in September/17 totalled 4.319 million tons, an increase of 1.5% from August/17 and of 1.7% compared to September/16. Total inventories stood at the end of September/17 at 36 days of supply, a decrease by one day from August/17 and a decrease of two days from September/16.  Source PPPC. (Oct 26)

Utipulp European pulp consumer October/17 figures include only softwood as several European companies have not declared their statistics for hardwood and therefore some national associations have not delivered hardwood data. Softwood inventories in October/17 were 193 000 tons, up by 6 000 tons or 3.2% from September/17, but down by 3 000 tons or 1.5% from October/16. In days, the softwood inventories were at 16 days of consumption, no change compared to the inventories in September/17 but a drecrease by one day compared to a year ago. Source: Utipulp  (Nov 21)

Pulp inventories at European ports in Sep/17 increased by 44 400 tons or 3.9% to 1 180 100 tons compared to Aug/17 inventories. Compared to Sep/16 the port inventories were lower by 56 100 tons or by 4.5%.  Source: Europulp  (Oct 26)