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      Date: Oct 24, 2017
     Title: PIX Wood Prices 24.10.2017

PIX Sawlogs and Pulpwood Finland Indices

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PIX Sawlogs, Birch Sawlogs and Pulpwood Finland – Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) forecasts increase for both fellings in Finland and exports of forest industry products from Finland. The procurement volume is expected to increase to 63.6 Mm³ this year and to 65 Mm³ next year, while wood imports are expected to decrease by 4% from last year. Exports of sawn goods are expected to be record high this year. China will climb to be the biggest export market and the increase in pine timber exports to China will ease the deficit created by the problems in North African markets. Both pulp and cardboard exports are expected to rise, while paper exports will keep decreasing.

In all grades included in our indices, the wood trade has kept perking up after summer, according to the statistics delivered by the Finnish Forest Industries’ Federation. In September, volumes in almost all grades showed an increase from August of close to 50%, pine pulpwood being the one with only about 30% growth. Compared to September 2016, the volumes were almost the same in sawlogs, while decreased 4-9% in pulpwood grades. After the drop during summer, all our PIX Roundwood Finland price indices turned heading north in September. The PIX Softwood Sawlogs Finland increased by 56 cents, or by 1.00%, and settled at 56.75 EUR/m³. The PIX Birch Sawlogs Finland index value went up by 1.66 Euros, or by 3.97%, ending at 43.51 EUR/m³. The PIX Pulpwood Finland value increased by 21 cents, corresponding to 1.35%, with the index closing at 15.96 EUR/m³.

The PIX Wood Finland price indices are based on monthly wood trade data by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, which we convert to a volume weighted 3-month revolving average for our benchmark values, after removing the extreme highs and lows before the index calculation.