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      Date: Jan 23, 2018
     Title: PIX Wood Prices 23.1.2018

PIX Sawlogs and Pulpwood Finland Indices

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PIX Sawlogs, Birch Sawlogs and Pulpwood Finland – This year, both felling and trading volumes for domestic wood are expected to rise between 2-4%, as projected by Pellervo Economic Research PTT. The exports of wood-based products are expected to rise for pulp (15-17%), paperboard (2-3%) as well as for sawn timber and plywood (3-5%), while paper exports are expected to decrease (2-4%).

The wood trade in Finland usually quiets down a bit towards the end of the year. The total December volume covered by our PIX Wood Finland indexes decreased by about 40 % from November but increased by over 20% from December 2016, according to the statistics delivered by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation. Compared to November, the December volumes went down by about 40% in all grades used in the index calculation. Vice versa, the December 2017 volumes were, y-o-y, above the December 2016 level in all grades, by about 30% in logs, and approximately 15% in pulpwood. In December, the PIX Softwood Sawlogs Finland increased by 47 cents, or by 0.82%, and settled at 58.07 EUR/m³. The PIX Birch Sawlogs Finland index value went down by 21 cents, or by 0.48%, ending at 43.27 EUR/m³. The PIX Pulpwood Finland value increased by 9 cents, corresponding to 0.56%, with the index closing at 16.25 EUR/m³.

The PIX Wood Finland price indices are based on the monthly wood trade data by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, which we convert to a volume weighted 3-month revolving average for our benchmark values, after removing the extreme highs and lows before the index calculation.