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FOEX Indexes Ltd is an independent company providing audited, trade-mark registered pulp, paper, recovered paper and wood based biomass price indices.

May 24, 2019

Market Comments

COVERAGE NOTE: Changes to PIX Forest Biomass Finland – Final Decision

HELSINKI, May 24, 2019 (PIX Bioenergy and Wood Indices) – Following a market consultation with no objections to the proposal received, Fastmarkets FOEX would like to confirm the following changes to its PIX Forest Biomass Finland index and its sub-indices with no material changes:

PIX Bioenergy and Wood Indices:

  • Specify the eligible price definition concerning longer than 12-month transactions
  • Detail the eligible price definition concerning indexed prices
  • Define the grade classification using Fuel Classification 2019 by Statistics Finland
  • Specify the delivery terms to DDU, unloaded at buyer’s plant/ TOP Finnterms
  • The specifications will be in English, with a Finnish summary including all parts concerning price reporting practices available

Outside of the specifications themselves, Fastmarkets FOEX will replace the unofficial logging residue & unpruned stem chip number in the monthly letter with only logging residue number, and considers publishing a separate sub-index for that in the future. Also, regional collection and publishing for the indices will be considered and developed further.

For queries, please email hello.foex@fastmarkets.com, indicating “PIX Forest Biomass Finland Index” in the subject line of the email.